Friday, June 14, 2013

Memories captured: Our very first 5K

My kids have watched every race I've ever done. My first one was in October 2009 -- a 10K -- and at the time, Austin was 31/2 and Alexandra was 18 months.

My cheering squad with me after my very first race
Every time I decide to run a race, the kids make signs, stand on the sidelines and yell 'Go Mommy Go'.

At the starting line
Last year, as I was training for the half marathon, Austin decided that he wanted to try running with me. Shortly after that race was done, I figured 'what the heck' and took him out for a Sunday afternoon run. The kid ran 2 and a half kilometres!

And he was pumped about it. And so, we decided to run a 5K together. We trained together throughout the spring, although to be honest, we didn't train a whole lot. Once he got up to being able to do 5K, he figured all was well. And so, on Sunday June 9, we ran our very first 5K together.

I loved running beside him, encouraging him along and enjoying his awe at running along the streets in the downtown core ('Mommy, look up at the streetcar wires!')

And my amazing 7-year-old finished the race in 45:01. I'm so very proud of him for such an extraordinary accomplishment. Goodness knows when I was 7 years old, I couldn't run that far.
5KM completed!