Monday, June 25, 2007

Either the best idea or the worst idea

I've been over the fact that I’ve never really camped before – or more like the few times I did, I didn’t really enjoy it. And I’ve been over the fact that the gods drenched my tent last week while it was set up in the backyard and that maybe, just maybe they were trying to tell me something.

Still I haven’t been listening to the gods or the little voice in my head and have remained excited for this weekend’s camping trip.

But the gods – or at least he weatherman – is at it again. Suddenly visions of bathing suits and lakes are being replaced with sweatshirts and campfires. I didn’t think of that when I thought of camping on July 1. I’ve been mentally planning what to bring so that Austin doesn’t get too hot – not once did I think of what to bring to make sure he doesn’t get too cold, especially at night.

Let me stress, I'm still looking forward to this trip because regardless of the sun, the rain, the heat or the cold, the sleeping on an air mattress or the getting really dirty, we're going to be hanging out with good friends all weekend long. But that said, this is definitely going to be the best idea or the worst idea we’ve ever had. I’ll be sure to share which one it turns out to be.

Oh well, at least it doesn’t look like I’ll need to worry about my tent flooding, so far, no real calls for rain. But knowing my luck…


Rob said...

If I had $1 for everytime you stressed how you're still looking forward to this trip...


Don't worry, it's going to be painless. You're amongst plenty of friends who've camped before, and there's really not that much to it!

(Did I mention it's a naked campground????)

janet said...

Naked campground?!?!?! COOL!!! :)