Thursday, October 18, 2007

Too busy, yet feeling like I'm doing nothing much at all

I haven’t written in awhile, because there hasn’t been much to write about. This is funny really, because my other excuse would be I’ve been too busy to write. Over the last three weeks, Austin’s been sick with a cold, I’ve been sick with a cold, then I’ve been sick with the flu then Austin’s been sick with the flu. Brings sharing to a whole new level don’t you think?

What else, we were in London for Thanksgiving and had house guests the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, all last weekend and again last night. No wonder there’s been no time to write.

But here are some quick bullets of life to date:
· Ollie had his surgery last week and he seems to be recovering nicely…now my Mastercard just has to recover from it. The important point is that he’ll no longer be in pain all the time – which should mean he’ll no longer pee wherever the heck he feels like.

· Home renovation time is upon us. We have big plans over the next few months – which I hope aren’t too big that they all get half finished. Next week the front hall closet is coming down and moving two feet to the left. Sounds like a lot of effort for two feet, but there’s a silly gap behind our front door which is useless space and Ryan has big plans on how to make our front hall not constantly spill into our living room. Of course, once that’s completed, the front hall will need to be repainted. And then the living room. And then the dining room. Because, you see, it’s really all one big room.

· Starting late November or early December we’ll get to work on what really needs to be done – getting Austin’s new room ready and painted. To do so, we need to move everything from the office to the basement. But before we can do that, we plan to get new carpets for the basement. All big projects, but all worth it in the end.

· We’re taking a holiday next week – just for the sake of taking a holiday. Austin will continue to go to the sitter’s as usual, so that we can actually get some work done around the house. Although, we will be taking off for two days for some shopping in Buffalo – I guess I should get around to booking a hotel soon.

· It’s almost Halloween and the annual Halloween party, which means we should really get our butts in gear and get costumes together. Have I mentioned how much I hate thinking of costumes? Geez, my kid is going to hate me when he gets older – I’m going to be the no-fun-mom that says, “here’s a sheet kid, go cut two holes in it.”

· I’m at that stage in the pregnancy where some days I actually forget I’m pregnant. The nausea’s gone, the tiredness is more-or-less gone, I’m not big and whale-like yet and it’s too soon to feel the baby kick. So some days, I just forget – well except when I try to get dressed in the morning. A five-day work week is really long when you only have one pair of pants that fit properly. Hence, the shopping trip in Buffalo.


Rob said...

Front hall renovations - does that mean Rob's favourite light-fixture will be coming down? If so, I'd like a picture of it smashed into bits posted on your website - as payback for all of the times I've hit my damn head on that thing.


janet said...

Deb, I had to laugh when I read your comment about the no-fun costume concept, since Ian actually asked to be a ghost this year! No joke, he said to me "mama, we can just get a white sheet and cut 2 holes". I've been striving to talk him out of it. Maybe we should switch kids!!