Friday, February 15, 2008

Toilet humour

As a mom who recently bought a potty for her kid in hopes that getting him used to having it around means potty training could be around the corner; I saw this comic the other day and couldn't stop laughing. So, I just had to share.

This strip hit a little close to home, because when we first set the potty up, Austin watched in facination, and then proceeded to pick it up, carry it into the kitchen, sit down and ask for some food! In his mind, it was his own little chair.

Since then, we've managed to have the potty stay in the bathroom, but he's not overly interested in sitting on it. In time I guess -- I just hope I never find him wandering around the house with a potty on his head!


Adam said...

Some friends here just potty-trained their son. They just stopped putting diapers on him. Problem was, he didn't mind going, but the corner was better than the potty.

Anonymous said...

More fun times await. Enjoy, it is better to laugh then ever be upset.

Carole said...

I too saw this comic the other day and thought of Austin! I can just see him doing that with his potty!