Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Lady of leisure

I'm officially done work now -- finished on Friday -- which makes me, until this baby decides to make an appearance, a lady of leisure.

I have odds an ends I have to do, like go to doctor's appointments, buy my double stroller and cooking, but in reality these few days are all about me. Both yesterday and today, I got up, took Austin to the sitter's and came back home to put my feet up (and do a few things that had to be done). Today, after a difficult morning of doing nothing much at all, I took a nap after lunch.

The last weeks of work were hectic beyond belief and instead of winding down and working easier days, I found myself working later hours than I had in months. All in the name of getting things finished.

And now that work is done, I have these few days to myself (and only the baby knows how many days that'll be) before life gets hectic once again. Hectic in a different kind of way mind you, but hectic all the same.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be more productive and do something contructive, like our taxes, but for now, I think I'll see what bad shows are on TV.

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Bill said...

In retrospect, not much leisure time whatsoever...