Thursday, October 09, 2008

Multi-purpose toys

So that I would have a second one for the basement, a friend of mine loaned me her excersaucer for Alex. It's a simple one, with no toys attached to it. Instead, it just has a tray all around where I can put toys for her to play with. She seems to love it because she can easily spin around in the seat and throw all her toys off.

But it was while she was spinning in the seat, that the warning label on the back caught my eye.

The label reads:

  • Never leave child alone. (Ok, that one's pretty obvious although I do tend to do so from time to time. I mean, the excersaucer is the perfect place to plop her down when I need to go to the bathroom.)
  • Never use near stairs. (Again, pretty obvious.)
  • Never use in or near swimming pools or other bodies of water. (Near swimming pools make sense -- just like never use near stairs -- but IN swimming pools? What would possess someone to put this IN a pool?)
  • Never use as a flotation device. (Again, what would possess you to think this can float?)
  • Never use as a sled. (Huh?)
  • Do not fill saucer with water. (And why would you want to?)
  • Do not store outdoors in in sunlight. (Sure, whatever.)
  • Keep child away from ranges, radiators, space heaters, fireplaces. (Again, pretty obvious.)
So, here I thought I had this great toy to plop Alex in while I use the computer; use the bathroom; play with Austin or just watch her play. But apparently other parents might have assumed they also had something to keep their child safe in the water with, something to slide on in the snow with and something to even bathe in!

Good to know we've been warned against it.

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Vone said...

Well it might make a cool sled :)
I never would have thought of it.