Thursday, February 05, 2009

25 random things about me

Usually I hate the annoying questionnaires that friends pass around by e-mail. You know, the ones where you have to answer random questions about yourself -- such as your favourite colour and the last movie you saw -- and then pass it on to more friends.

They're a waste of time to fill out and aren't very insightful. And I don't usually have much time to spare as it is. And when I do have spare time, I'd rather be indulging in something like watching TV or playing Wii.

Nevertheless, for some reason, when this questionnaire was sent to me on Facebook this week, it caught my attention. It was different and interesting. So, as I wasted away enough time coming up with the 25 random things this afternoon -- rather than writing a blog post as I had intended to when I sat down at the computer -- I figured I'd share. The original blog post I planned on writing will have to wait for another day.

Here, in no particular order, are 25 random facts about me:

1. I usually ignore these types of things and hate responding to them.

2. I want to run my very first 10 km race this year.

3. I can’t live without my morning coffee.

4. My coffee maker died this morning BEFORE it brewed my coffee.

5. I hate wearing socks.

6. My son was 12 days overdue.

7. My daughter was born 7 minutes after I walked into the delivery room.

8. I walked into the delivery room, after even insisting on going to the parking garage with my husband rather than him dropping me off at the door.

9. I didn’t intentionally give both my kids names that start with A. We just liked the names.

10. I’ve lost 10 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight and want to lose another 5 to 10.

12. I like traveling and have been to about a dozen or so countries.

12. My favourite place to visit is France. I’ve been there 4 times.

13. Red wine no longer gives me migraines.

14. I now like bacon and ham. I blame my pregnancies for my change in food likes/dislikes.

15. I liked being pregnant.

16. I always wanted three kids but now that I have two I don’t know anymore.

17. I don’t think I’m very creative or crafty.

18. I don’t mind doing laundry.

19. I'm disgustingly organized. Yet my house seems like it's never organized.

20. I can’t believe I love camping.

21. I’m not looking forward to going back to work at the end of my maternity leave.

22. After my first maternity leave, I was excited to start work again.

23. I have two cats and don’t want dogs. My husband wants dogs.

24. In high school, I was a lifeguard at an outdoor water park.

25. I’ll be happy to finish nursing my daughter because then I can treat myself to nice new bras that actually fit!

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