Friday, June 12, 2009

Finally entering the txt age

When I was in Ottawa with my sister last weekend, the topic of texting came up. And I had to hang my head and admit that I couldn't text.

But it wasn't entirely my fault. Because I've tried to text and given up. It's my phone's fault.


My phone is five years old, and although five years isn't a lot for many things -- for cellphones, it's ancient. So ancient, in fact that although it technically has the capability to text, it is not user-friendly. My youngest sister (the one who thought it was so funny that I couldn't text) tried awhile ago, and even she couldn't figure out how to do it.

So I never used it. And to be quite honest, I rarely used my cellphone either. I have it on a bare-bones plan that costs me practically nothing and means I have it if I absolutely need it but for the most part, it's just at the bottom of my purse.

When I remember to charge it, I don't remember to hear it when it rings.

Then, a few weeks ago, when I decided to use my cellphone number as my business line, I went and looked at phones and phone plans. And I talked myself out of getting one for the time being (with the justification that maybe I should see how much business I get before I go spending all this money on a new phone and plan that I may not even need). But, just looking at all the phones gave me phone-envy.

I wanted a cool new phone and I wanted to be able to text. And well, I just wanted one.

So, it was rather timely, that last weekend, as they were all making fun of me for not being able to text (because did I mention that even my mother can use her phone for texting) that my sister said, from her hospital bed, that she had an extra phone at home.

Last summer, she had bought a Crazer, only to get a free Google phone from my brother-in-law's work a few months later. So her brand new phone has been collecting dust ever since.

So, when my brother-in-law left the hospital for a few hours that afternoon, he tracked it down, charged it and gave it to me. Before I could say anything, he switched my SIM card into it and handed it to me. It even came pre-loaded with a wallpaper picture of Austin.

I love it. It's fun, it's user-friendly and it even has a camera!

Now, I just have to figure out how to use it to text.

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Carole said...

What do you mean, EVEN your mother can text?!