Thursday, October 22, 2009

The 'Austin show'

It's pretty weird to see yourself and your house on TV. I actually had to watch the piece three times before I heard what the reporter was saying because the first two times I was too busy looking to see a) where in my house each shot was and b) how much of a freak I looked like.

I don't think I did too badly, or at least I should say, I didn't feel embarassed at watching myself. And the kids looked pretty damn cute on camera (but to be honest, I'm a little biased in that respect). And although I know that a big part of the story was on my clunky old furnace, I do wish that there had been a little less focus on my empty-beer-bottle filled furnace room. Or, at the very least, I wish I had thought to stash those boxes somewhere else beforehand.

Austin, as I expected was thrilled to see himself on TV. We caught it live, and he was so thrilled that when it was over, he asked to see "the Austin show again".

And thanks to the the fact that anything that appears on TV can be found on the Internet somewhere, and just because it's my blog and I can, below is the video -- for anyone who wanted to see it but missed it. And for me, because now I have a copy of it.

(If the video doesn't work, try this link:


Jenn B said...

Yay for the Evans' moment of fame - the kids did look cute and you did a great job :)

Vone said...

You did good. But yeah, it was funny that they kept showing the beer bottles :)
My kids thought it was neat to see you guys on tv too.

Carole said...

I thought you all looked pretty damn cute on camera (but to be honest, I'm a lot biased in that respect). I've watched it three times and still haven't really paid attention to what the reporter said!

Alison said...

I didn't even notice the beer bottles - too distracted by the cute kids!