Saturday, February 26, 2011

My mom fail moment

Anyone who knows Alex knows that she's never had much hair. She was 2 before I could even attempt putting teeny tiny elastics in. And now, at almost 3, she has enough hair for a small ponytail.

The lack of hair is not because we've been cutting it short. In fact, recently, someone asked me how old she was when she first had a haircut. My answer? Um....never. Which is not entirely true -- she's had her bangs cut by me 4 times since her second birthday.

And this is where my mom fail moment comes in. (Side note to my mom, I think you know where this story is going...because you've been there.)

Last night, after her bath, I decided she needed her bangs cut again. They were long and stragly and she was constantly sweeping them out of her eyes. So out came the scissors.

A minute or so later, her bangs were cut -- not quite straight and a little too short. Ok, a lot too short. I'd done it three other times over the last year, but this time, I failed. Quite badly.

Maybe I can get some barrettes and clip her bangs back every morning until they grow out a bit. (Yeah, like she'll leave those in all day long.)

Or maybe I should just take her to the hairdresser for a proper haircut.

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Carole said...

Ha ha Deb! Yup, been there, done that!Not to worry though - she still looks adorable and anyway those bangs will grow out soon!