Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's March, right?

I wasn't planning on blogging today but then at the last minute I decided to write a mundane post about the weather.

Yes, the weather. And the fact that it's March 22 and it was 27C out today. And the fact that I had to break out the summer clothes for the kids. And the fact that while playing outside with friends this afternoon, the kids honestly came to us and said "can we go inside and play for awhile, it's too hot out". In March. Sometimes mid-summer days aren't this hot.

Oh yeah, but what really reminded me that it's a hot day in March was when I realized that I posted this almost exactly one year ago. If you don't actually feel like reading the post, I'll give you a hint: it was cold and snowing that day, and there's a picture to prove.

So let me make one thing very clear -- I. Am. Not. Complaining.

So to all my Ontario friends and readers, get out there and enjoy the summer-like weather.

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