Monday, June 25, 2012

'We're doing something important'

This is a picture of our dress-up box in the basement:
It's solid wood and filled to the brim with dress-up costumes (mainly princess costumes for our little princess).

Here is the exchange Ryan had with the kids earlier this evening (now I wasn't there, but according to him, this is how the story goes):

Ryan, looking for the kids after telling them to go get ready for bed and then finding them in the basement.
Ryan: What are you doing?
Kids (I don't know who answered): Something really important.
Ryan: What?
Kids: Nothing.
Ryan: What were you doing?
Kids: Ummm....letting Moo out of the dress-up box
Ryan (Trying really hard not to laugh): Why was she in there?
Kids: Because we put her there.
Ryan: When?
Kids: After Alex had her dinner (before she went out with Ryan for her soccer game)

In other words, about two and a half hours earlier!

Yes, that's right folks. My kids, who love playing with their new kitten, thought it would be fun(?) to put her in the dress up box and then close the lid. Oh yeah, and then wander off and to do something else (like go play soccer) and FORGET ABOUT HER!

Thankfully she didn't seem to be worse for wear once released.

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Jamie said...

Ummmm I think I need to come take my kitten back now :P