Friday, February 16, 2007

Bras and Boobs Part II

It's been about a month since I went bra shopping at the expensive boutique and in that time I have been to several different stores in search of more bras. Because let's face it, I can't afford to shop at the expensive lingerie store all the time -- but a girl can't live on two bras.

So, my search started at the Bay, where I expected to find my size. That's when I discovered that my size isn't among the standard stocked in all stores -- and when I can find it, it's not always the nicest bras.

At the Bay, none of the pretty fashion bras would fit, so I was left with a slim selection of boxed bras. Not that there's anything wrong with boxed Wonderbra or whatever...but all the large boxed bras look like old lady bras. And they ALL, and I mean ALL, proudly advertise the fact that they are 'minimizer' bras that can 'gently reduce the size of your breasts by up to 1.5 inches.' Now, I know that I may have larger than average boobs, but I don't feel the need to 'minimize' them. But yet, that's the only option I have if I wanted to shop at the Bay. Admittedly, I may have had better luck at a larger Bay (I was only at Fairview Mall) but still, I was pretty frustrated. I did buy one, mainly because it was on sale, and there's nothing wrong with having that kind of bra for bumming around the house in on a Sunday afternoon. It's kind of like laundry day panties...everyone has them.

So I moved on to La Vie en Rose, because La Senza has never really worked out for me. They do carry my size in fashion and basic bras, and they actually weren't too bad. So I bought two. But I have to admit, now, a few weeks later, they're not the most comfortable bras I've ever owned. And if there's one thing I've learned, an uncomfortable bra just means you're going to be pulling at it all day long.

Where did I have the best luck? It sure wasn't at Fairview Mall. It was at Victoria's Secret in Las Vegas. All their bras seem to come in everything from 32AA to 40DD -- which works for me. I picked up a nice looking, comfortable bra for a reasonable price. The problem is, it's not that easy to buy from Victoria's Secret when you live in Toronto.

So I now own six bras...two that cost too much, two that are not very comfortable, one granny bra for lazy Sunday and one that is rather difficult to acquire more of.

But the truth is, of the bras I now own, the most comfortable one is the most expensive, one of the ones from the speciality store -- at least it was money well-spent.


Carole said...

Deb, you can order from Victoria's Secret online. I wouldn't do it for a bra that I've never tried on, but a repeat order works.

Sera said...

Amy's said the same thing about VS... and since you know what you like you can re-order, so simple!

Next time I'm down yonder south I'm going shopping there too!

Janet said...

Who ever woulda thought that reading about bras could be so entertaining!! I love this saga! This is exactly what blogs are good for. My favourite part was the bra tally at the end. "You get what you pay for", sucks but true!
By the way, I had to laugh when you commented about the small, inadequateness of the Bay at Fairview :) We don't even HAVE a Bay! Ever tried bra shopping at Walmart.......

Anonymous said...

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