Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What to wear (or what not to wear)

The warm weather is finally here and with it brings sunshine, flowers, leaves on the trees and my realization that I have absolutely nothing to wear.

I’m not really exaggerating either. It’s been two years since I’ve had to wear spring clothes to work, and in those two years I’ve somehow managed to lose, misplace or wear out pretty much every spring-like shirt that isn’t a T-shirt that I own.

This becomes a bit of problem, when even on casual Friday, I can’t find a T-shirt that’s clean and doesn’t have a hole in it to put on with my one and only pair of jeans – which, by the way, went by the ‘they’re clean enough’ theory.

Since it got warm last week, every morning has been the same routine, rummage through my closet and pull out a pair of pants then desperately try to find a shirt that isn’t a sweater that fits and looks presentable. Because, you see, that’s the other problem I’m having with many of my old clothes – as I’ve written about before, I wear a larger bra size then I did two years ago, which means that shirts fit differently than they used to. They either become too short, because well, I use up more of it on top, or they plunge too low, showing off an amount of cleavage that isn’t really appropriate for a workplace – at least not my workplace! Or else, they just don’t look right anymore – after putting on and taking off 25 or so pounds in the last almost 2 years, the weight sits differently on me now. The scale may read the same number it did 2 years ago, but my body shape isn’t the same – and some things just don’t fit the same as they used to.

I seem to be doing ok with pants, and I barely wore them last year while on maternity leave so I didn’t wear them out. But skirts are out of the question. All my spring/summer skirts have certain colours or patterns to them – and I either wore out, or can no longer wear, the shirt that matched the skirt. So now I have a bunch of skirts with no shirts that go with them.

So tonight, after work, I guess I’ll do the required shopping trip. I need capris, cute short-sleeved shirts, jeans (because one pair really doesn’t cut it) and even summer shoes. It may sound like a fun evening of shopping, but if there’s one thing I hate more than anything, is shopping because you have to – because you have nothing to wear.


Sera said...

How'd you do with the shopping? :)

Deb said...

Ok I guess. 2 short-sleeve, work-appropriate shirts and a pair of capris. No jeans though, Old Navy didn't have any I liked. Still have more shopping to do though. Figures then it got colder out so I wore a sweater on Thurs. and long-sleeves today.