Sunday, March 16, 2008

Well, at least I can see now

My whole family is blind as bats without their glasses. My sisters both got glasses when they were in school and my parents say they've both been wearing glasses since they were in elementary school.

But somehow, I ended up with the recessive gene and managed to bypass the obligatory 'guess what you need glasses'.

Well, until now. For months, I've been complaining that things are a little blurry -- especially when I'm tired. I first noticed it in the late fall when I was using our new digital SLR camera. I couldn't get it to focus -- even on autofocus. Ryan took the camera away from me, muttering under his breath that I broke it, only to discover that it focused fine. When I took the camera back, it was still out of focus.

A little light bulb went off over our heads at that moment.

But I let the months go by, partly because the blurriness wasn't bad enough for me to remember all the time, partly because I claimed I was too busy to get my eyes checked and, honestly, partly because I didn't want to hear the final answer. Call me a baby, but I'm 32 years old and I didn't want to start wearing glasses.

But on Friday, I finally went to an optometrist. And sure enough, I need glasses. I actually only need a very mild prescription, just something to 'sharpen things up' for me. And, I won't have to wear them all the time. Only when I need to see things at a distance -- for example sitting at the back of the class syndrome. Also when I'm driving at night and possibly watching a movie -- although with our new big screen TV, I don't really have any troubles seeing movies. Oh, and since I've really noticed the bluriness at Raptors games, I'll probably have to wear them there too. Basically, whenever I need to 'sharpen things up' as the doctor said, is when I'll have to wear them. So you're not likely to find me walking around the house with them or running out to the grocery store wearing glasses.

It's a weird concept for me, this idea of having to wear glasses. I'm going to have to remember to carry them in my purse wherever I go. But I'm also going to have to remember to put them on when I need them.

But first, I have to remember to actually go and pick them up from the store.


Sera said...

Gee Deb I think we might have the same prescription... no worries on that though you'll get used to it - I swear!

suziegardner said...

Finally you join the rest of us! At least you won't have to wear them all the time, so it won't be that bad, really!

Alison said...

Hah, it was the same for me when I started - just to see the board, to read music on the stand, to go to I can't even walk around the house without them, or I feel really disoriented because I'm squinting at everything, and I have to leave them in the same place at night so I know where they are in the morning.

So, welcome to the club, hope it stays like you think... ;)