Friday, December 19, 2008

A winter run...what am I crazy?

The other night, after dinner, Ryan suggested I go for a run. I'd had a long day with the kids and needed a break from them. But it was cold out and I've always said I didn't like running in the winter so I just moped around the house instead, wishing I'd gotten around to getting a gym membership.

But the idea of 'going for a run' stuck with me and last night, after dinner, Ryan suggested it again. I flipped on the TV and saw that it was -5C out. Cold, I thought. But I spent many winters skiing every weekend, and I've skiied in a lot colder weather. So, how hard could it be to run in the cold?

Before I could change my mind, I was digging out my long johns from a box in the basement along with my other ski stuff that hasn't been used since before the kids were born. (In fact, the ski tag attached to my jacket was dated Feb. 2005.)

Once I was suited up, out the door and running along the street, I quickly realized that running in the cold probably wouldn't be that bad -- as long as the sidewalks were clear. And, for the most part, they were. And I had my best run to date -- 3.5 kilometres (I Google mapped the route I took when I got home to find out how far I'd gone).

So maybe running in the cold isn't all that bad. Or, maybe I'm just a little crazy for doing so.

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