Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What city am I in again?

It's been a whirlwind kind of week.

On Wednesday, December 24, we woke the kids up before 7, packed them into the already packed to the gills car (which we packed the night before) and drove out to Brampton to spend a couple of hours with my parents while Ryan worked a half day.

With him being in Mississauga, it made sense for me to drop him off and kill some time in Brampton, because when his half day was done, we drove on to London for Christmas Eve night, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. But just to make it complicated, we spent the three nights in London in two different houses. And to make it even more complicated we spent the first night at house A, the second night at house B and the third night back at house A. Because, you know, nothing can be that simple.

At 6 a.m. on Dec. 27, Ryan and I hit the road without the kids and drove to Buffalo (through the thickest pea soup fog I've ever seen in my life) where we hopped a plane to Raleigh, North Carolina by way of Baltimore.

Once in Raleigh, we parked ourselves in the same hotel room for two nights in a row so that we could attend my cousin's wedding and spend time with my family down there.

And then we reversed the whole trip on the morning of Dec. 29. First, we hopped a plane back to Buffalo -- again by the way of Baltimore -- then proceeded to drive back to London, pack up all our stuff and the kids and then drive back to Toronto, arriving home some 12 hours after we left Raleigh.

Therefore, in six days, I've slept in three beds, packed some or all of our bags six times and was in five cities (if you count being in the airport in Baltimore as being in a city). Phew. This is one vacation I definitely need a vacation from. That is as soon as I finish unpacking.


Carole said...

Are there unpacking fairies? Seriously,I know it was hectic but it was great having you in NC with the whole family, Deb.

Janet said...

THAT'S CRAZY! Suddenly my holidays seem a whole lot more sane! Thanks, Deb! Miss you guys!