Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Running to nowhere when the streets are snowy

After looking at a few different places, I finally got around to joining a gym last week. Well, sort of. Because it's not much of a gym.

It's a City-run facility less than a five minute drive from my house and it's really just a room with some equipment. There's four treadmills, two rowers, a handful of bikes, a universal weight machine and a bunch of free weights all packed into a room about the size of my basement.

In other words, it's the worst place I looked at of the two or three gyms I looked into joining this winter. So, why did I join? Because I could buy a three-month membership for the same price as the first month's payment at GoodLife.

And, in reality, all I want to do is use a treadmill so that I can keep running when it's too cold and too snowy to run outside. So who cares if the treadmill is at a fancy club with TVs in front of each machine or in front of a mirror in a small room.

When my membership expires in mid-April, it'll (hopefully) be warmer and far less snowier, at which point I can go back to running along the streets in pursuit of my 10 kilometre goal.

I did 4 km today.

Three months of running nowhere on a treadmill should get me closer to the finish line.

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