Monday, January 12, 2009

The Wii Fit workout

We got a Wii Fit for Christmas. Actually, it was Ryan's gift but I was as excited to receive it as he was. And to date, I've gotten as much use out of it as he has -- maybe even more since I'm home during the day and, when I'm lucky, get half an hour or so of kid-free time in the afternoon.

It's a fun toy but in a weird sort of way, you're crazy enough to think you may actually be able to squeeze in some real exercise from the privacy of your basement. In other words, it's sort of like the new workout video.

The little mascot tries to encourage you, in an annoying sort of way, to 'come back every day for best results'. And your own personal trainer guides you on how to do strengthening exercises and yoga poses. Heck, there's even a 'game' that lets you go for a short, long or distance run!

Although I don't quite understand why, if it's trying to get you motivated and in shape, the background music has to be bad elevator music.

Now, I'm not foolish enough to believe that I can get in shape and lose weight just by playing Wii Fit, but it certainly is a fun way to spend half an hour or so. And it's a heck of a lot more active than sitting here and writing this.


Alison said...

I've played it a bit, and we've borrowed Mindy's right's good for some light exercise, I find. Last night I was too exhausted to go to the gym, so I went home and did some of the yoga and strength training exercises. It certainly felt good to stretch out my muscles, and was relaxing too. So better than sitting on the couch watching TV, at least!

Sera said...

How bad is it that sometimes I'm too lazy to turn on the Wii and boot up the game... however I'll still do a mini pilates session instead. (I know that makes me weird)