Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm definitely growing zucchini now

I tended to my vegetable garden as best I could before we left for the cottage last Saturday. I attempted to tie up the grape tomato plants (Have I mentioned that I think grape tomatoes plants are really just weeds? Because they sure grow like one.) , trimmed back the zucchini plant and picked the one zucchini, two cucumbers and one jalapeno that were ready to eat.

Then we left for a week.

And we came back to a real jungle. Not that wannabe jungle that I wrote about a few weeks ago.

But hidden amongst the jungle were vegetables. And so, we harvested three pretty big cucumbers, about a pint worth of ruby red grape tomatoes (well a few could have used another day or so in the sun but we picked them anyway) and three zucchinis.

Although, these weren't like any zucchinis I've ever seen before. The ones you see in the store, are short and narrow -- small enough, that if you like zucchini (like I do), you can eat a whole one in one sitting. These three zucchinis are huge. Seriously, I mean monster huge.

In fact, remember the club that Bam Bam used to carry around with him on the Flintstones? That's what I think of every time I see the biggest one.

My biggest zucchini, just before it was picked.

Austin's arm in comparison to the smallest zucchini (the other two items on top are cucumbers).

So now I need to find some good zucchini recipes, and fast. Because there's only so much zucchini bread and muffins one can eat.


Alison said...

Zucchini chocolate cake! It's actually pretty good, you don't really notice there's zucchini in there.

Carole said...

Throw a bunch of vegetables in a big pot with some zucchini. Cook them in a little water or broth. Puree it to make soup and the zucchini will give it a creamy texture.