Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The house won't be that cold, right?

I'm sitting at our local McDonald's playground right now (using my Blackberry to pass the time) while the kids burn off some energy after lunch. Heading to McDonald's after school is a first for us but was a necessity today.

Today, I'm having all the windows replaced in my house (that's 9 for anyone that's counting). A day long project at best. Oh and did I mention that it's currently -7C outside right now?! And that's before the windchill makes it somewhere in the negative teens (which I guess is better than yesterday when it was in the negative 20s.) So yeah, sitting at home right now is not a top priority.

And on top of the cold, all the windows that are going to be installed are lying on the floor of the respective rooms - so not only do I not want to be in a cold house with two kids but I also would rather not be in a cold house with two kids and large plates of glass windows lying around everywhere.

This whole thing is ridiculous really. Because honestly who in their right mind replaces their windows in December? Why couldn't we have thought to do this in...oh I don't know....AUGUST!

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