Thursday, December 09, 2010

Who would want an old broken fridge?

Last Monday, our ancient basement fridge (and oh yes, it was ancient) finally died. It was our beer fridge, so really, it wasn't a huge loss. By that I mean, no contents of the fridge were lost. Not having a beer/drink fridge mere weeks before having people over for Christmas -- now that was a problem.

So, on Tuesday morning, I marched off to Sears, found one we liked that also happened to be on sale and bought it. It's an all-fridge (no freezer) and it's about twice the size of the old one -- meaning we can store more than just drinks in it.

So that was Tuesday. On Wednesday, we discovered that the old fridge that was now sitting dead in the corner had been leaking for two (or more) days all over the carpet. The carpet was now soaked. I got to spend a fair bit of time with the wet vac before marching off to Home Depot and renting a carpet blower to dry the carpet out.

On Tuesday of this week, the guys from Sears brought me my new fridge and carried my old one out. Well most of it. They left the door behind in my basement because we had forgotten to remove drinks from it. (Oh, because did I mention that when the old fridge died, it did so by slowly filling with ice over the course of a few weeks so that it finally pushed the door right off. Yup, that's right. The door fell off. And yup, that's right, it didn't occur to either of us that a fridge full of ice sitting on your carpet can only lead to a very wet carpet. This is where you get to say dumbass.)

So the fridge went out on the curb Tuesday afternoon for Thursday's garbage pickup. As late as 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, it was lying sadly by the side of the road. At 8:30 p.m., I carried the door outside so it too would get picked up and low and behold, the dead fridge was gone.

I know the garbage truck didn't come by in that two hour period, so that leaves me with just one question.

Who would want a dead doorless fridge?

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