Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So that's what a quiet house sounds like

Here was this morning's routine: Alex and I dropped Austin off at school as usual and then I dropped Alex off for her first day of preschool and then I came home. And spent almost two hours here all by myself.

It was weird, it was wonderful, it went by way too fast.

This is the first time I've been in a kid-free house on a weekday in almost three years. (With the exception of the days someone would come visit and then take the kids to the park, or something like that, while I got some work done for 45 minutes.)

Three years. Well almost. I was pregnant with Alex the last time I had the house to myself on a weekday. Austin was still going to daycare and I was already on maternity leave. But my pre-baby time off only lasted a few days -- she was born five days after I finished work (and those five days include a weekend.)

Oddly enough, there are a million things I could've done to relax during this time to myself, but instead, I sat at my computer and got some work done. Boring, I know, but actually very productive and liberating. You have no idea how much you can accomplish when you're not listening to kids bang around upstairs while pretending to sleep.

I got everything I needed to do for the day done in that hour and 45 minutes, meaning this afternoon, instead of stressing about getting work done, I have a little time to do things like blog.

The best part is this isn't a one-time deal -- preschool is twice a week, for two hours a day for the next nine weeks (and then I hope to get her into the next session.) (By the way, she seemed to really enjoy it and I was told she only cried once -- when it was clean up time. Although I must admit, as I watched her through the window just prior to pickup I realized I can't believe my little girl is old enough to go to preschool -- but that's a post for another day.) Sometimes I'll work; sometimes I'll go for a short run; sometimes I'll shop (although most stores don't open until 10 so there isn't much time for that); sometimes I'll do the groceries. Even that thought is oddly liberating right now -- the idea of doing groceries without kids tagging along is something I barely remember how to do.

And maybe, just maybe, once in awhile I'll remember to use the two hours to come home, make a cup of tea and curl up with a good book.

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