Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Birthday celebrations

A couple of days ago, I celebrated my birthday. It was a pretty low key affair, really, because once you pass the big 3-0 in my opinion (and you haven't hit the big 4-0) there's no real need to party. (Take note, when I turn 40, I'm having a party!) Especially when you have kids whose birthdays are also coming up soon. Knowing I have two kid birthday parties in the next few months makes for a quiet me birthday all that more enticing.

So, Ryan and I went out on a date on Saturday night for my birthday. A real dinner and a movie kind of date. Which, to be honest, is what made it so special -- it was a real date, the kind of date we don't get to do much anymore. Dinner and a movie for us usually means take out in the family room after the kids have gone to bed, a movie on-demand and a bottle of wine. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but a real date night out is definitely a nice treat.

So on Sunday, for my birthday, we didn't really have anything special planned. Just a day around the house. (Although I did take myself out for a pedicure -- my birthday present to me.)

But to the kids, a birthday isn't a birthday without a party, cake and presents. And, according to Alex, a decorated house.

About three days before my birthday, Alex suddenly decided that the house had to be decorated for my birthday. Makes sense in the mind of a 3-year-old -- we decorated for Halloween and we decorated for Christmas so we have to decorate for mommy's birthday.

Of course, all the Christmas decorations were still up (as was the tree) when she decided this.

So on Friday, Ryan took the kids to the dollar store to buy decorations and on Saturday we put away all the Christmas stuff. And on Sunday morning, when I woke up, the living room had been decorated by my kids. There was a Happy Birthday banner, colourful party streamers and even a mini disco mirror ball.

They yelled surprise and were so pleased with themselves. And the fact that they wanted to do this for my birthday made the day just that much more special.

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