Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Life with our house guest and other news

It often seems as if there are never enough hours in the day, and so, when I have something I want to write about, it often takes me days and days to get to it. This is pretty sad, considering I don’t go to work for 8 to 10 hours a day. But I am home with the child who doesn’t sleep and spends most of his time now days getting into everything he’s not supposed to. The game of “Austin, don’t eat that” is starting to get old. And he hasn’t yet figured out that just because I’m not “looking” at him, doesn’t mean I don’t see what he’s getting into.

But in these next few minutes, while Austin is sleeping (figures because we have to go out in 20 minutes), here, in a post of random points, are the few topics I’ve been wanting to write about for the past few days.

Living with the mother-in-law is going well. In all honestly, she’s a pretty easy house guest to live with. She spends most of her days doing her own thing – which usually involves being on the computer – but is more than willing to offer, without being asked, to look after Austin for a few minutes while I shower or get something else done. I now cook for three every night, instead of two, which isn’t really a big deal. And, in the evenings, she even watches many of the same shows that Ryan and I watch, so there’s no arguing over the remote. And, best of all, she records Dancing with the Stars on her PVR, so thankfully I’m not subjected to it!

The only downside is the driving. Two to three days a week, I drive her to Etobicoke for the treatment, kill an hour and a half at Sherway Gardens, and then drive back. It's always in the afternoon, so we always hit rush hour on the way home. Needless to say, by Friday, after so much running around, and just from having someone at home all the time even is she is easy to live with, I find that I’m exhausted.

There’s only two weeks left though, and I think I’ll miss her when she’s gone. It is really nice to have company during the day.

Next. Austin is officially signed up for daycare starting mid-February. It’s a huge relief to have that said and done, especially since he’s in the centre closest to our house. I can walk him over there in less than five minutes.

The centre is in a high school, which initially caused me some concern because I know there were a few “incidents” there last spring. (Specifically, the cops were called for a stabbing and a gun sighting. Sigh, high school just isn’t the same as it was when I went – I don’t recall there ever being such incidents at my school) But I discussed these issues with the director when I went in for a tour last week and she put my mind at ease by explaining their safety procedures.

It seems like a good place, and the centre seems to be very focused on encouraging child development through activities and play, so I’m happy with it. I put the deposit down this morning.

I guess I have to slowly start thinking about the fact that I’ll be going back to work soon. Where the heck did the last nine months go? Being pregnant for nine months sure took more time than being at home with Austin has.

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Anonymous said...

You have more patience than I can even imagine - is it motherhood that brought this about, or were you born with it???