Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween dress-up

Last night was Kelly and Steve's Halloween party, and despite my earlier complaints about not wanting to dress up, it was a really good time. (Thanks guys!) In the end, I thought our costumes worked out alright -- although I'll take no credit for any of it. Our 'family' costume theme stemmed from finding a cute cowboy/sheriff costume for Austin at Old Navy. From there, it was Ryan's bright idea for us to go as the convicts. All I did was drag Austin from store to store in search of costumes.

The sheriff was in bed by 9, but here are a few of the shots we snapped before he called it a night.

I'll admit, it was sort of fun to dress up. It had been at least 10 years since I actually put any heart into it. But it was more fun to dress Austin up, and I can't wait until Tuesday when I can put his little Sheriff outfit back on!

And this Halloween taught me something about dressng up. For the next 'whatever number of years' that I'm going to have to help with Austin's costumes, I don't have to be creative...I just have to know where to shop.

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