Thursday, September 18, 2008

As (bad) luck would have it

On Monday morning, as I got in my SUV to take the kids to the zoo, I remembered that the gas light had been on all weekend. So my first stop was the nearest gas station where I paid $1.34 a litre -- or a total of $89 to fill my tank.

On Tuesday, the price of gas went down to $1.26.

On Wednesday evening, I took the Civic out to meet my sister for a drink. As I was driving home, the gas light made an appearance so, I decided to fill the car up, rather than leaving Ryan with an empty tank to drive to Mississauga in the morning. I paid $1.26 a litre for a total of almost $50.

This morning, as I drove Austin to the sitter's, I passed a gas station. The price was $1.19.

This afternoon, I heard that gas prices will be another six cents or so lower on Friday. So fill up, goodness knows I don't have to -- I have two full tanks of gas.


ryan said...

You neglected to mention that I knew exactly how much gas there was in the Civic and I had purposely not filled up as I had heard that prices were going down at midnight.

Deb said...

You neglected to tell me any of that information before I took the car out that night in the first place!

Adam said...

Don't feel too bad. Even here in Bangladesh it costs me $90 to fill up our 4x4. Of course, our car could eat your SUV for breakfast, but it's still not cheap.