Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Me and my useless arm

It's been four days since I was told I had an infection in my arm. And the good news is that it's getting better. The bad news is is it's not getting better fast enough -- at least not for my liking.

I was back at the doctor today, and although I was told it's healing, it's not healing fast enough for her liking either. So I've been given more antibiotics -- for a total of 17 days worth when they're all said and done -- have been given another appointment to see her in five days and been ordered to go to the hospital if it doesn't continue to get better or if starts to get worse again.

I've regained much mobility in it, but not all and some of the pain and swelling is gone -- but again, not all. So the long story short of this is, I can do some things, but I'm still pretty incapable of doing a lot by myself.

And because of this, I feel pretty useless.

And I hate feeling useless.

All weekend, Ryan took everything on his shoulders. From doing all the laundry to carrying Alex and keeping Austin from needing me and my arm. But on Monday, he had to go back to work.

So, I've had a steady flow of people coming through my door to help out. First it was a friend who is also on maternity leave and her daughter; then it was my neighbourhood high school student babysitter who is kind of, sort of, not really still a student and had the time -- and well, of course, I was paying her. Then, it was my sister.

There's much I can manage on my own, but there's so many little things that I can't, which is why I need help. Everyone who has helped out has taken the kids outside (because this is a hard one -- the double stroller can't be pushed with one hand but the single one can except then I can't hold Austin's hand when necessary), made lunches, carried Alex around and/or changed diapers.

I mean, you try wiping the poopy bum of a squirmy 10 month old while using only one arm for the job?

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Vone said...

wish I was there to help - hope you feel better soon.