Monday, March 15, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday -- Green

My, my how life has changed. It doesn't feel all that long ago that I was heading out on St. Pady's Day to find some dyed green beer. Today, I dyed yogurt green.

To me, it didn't quite have the same appeal as green beer -- but since the kids love yogurt, they thought dyed-green yogurt was the funniest (and yummiest) thing they've ever seen. In fact, after I dyed the yogurt, they both insisted that I dye their milk as well. Green beer, green milk...same idea, right?

For today's muffin tin lunch, we have:
green yogurt, peas, cucumber, pickles, zuchinni, green smarties and -- as a little extra, because Austin insisted that because they're green, they had to be included on the plate, pear slices.

I must say, I think this is the most fruit and vegetables Austin has consumed in one sitting. And unlike Alex, he ate everything on his plate. Who knew the kid liked zuchinni? I figured I was going to at least be munching that off his plate when he was done.
But no, he ate it all. And when he finished, he informed me that he ate so many green foods that he was now going to turn green! I'm still waiting for the green effect, but for now, I have two very happy campers.

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

I hope he didn't turn green! Zuchinni was a great idea!

w said...

hhahaahah! kids totally turn your life upside down. but upside down ain't so bad.

great tin!

klie0500 said...

Good looking green lunch. You never know they might turn green. Very cute.

Leah said...

Great looking tin.

Kristen said...

Cool idea. Great tin.