Friday, October 13, 2006

I am slowly going crazy

I have two cats. One is three years old and a little bit crazy. She tends to zip in and out of rooms at high speed and when she does stop to take a breath, it’s often because we’ve accidentally locked her in a closet or something. The other is seven years old and is now pretty laid back thanks to the Prozac he gets once a day. Although he still gets pretty territorial when he sees another cat on his property.

In the past, the two got along most of the time – and I’d often find them cuddled up together, sound asleep on the couch or bed. Chloe, being the younger and more hyper one, often wanted to play with Ollie. If he was in the mood, he’d put up with her for a bit, if not, he’d give her a swat and she’d bolt out of the room.

But lately, it seems that those days are over. For more than a week now, all these two do is fight. If one is eating in the kitchen and the other walks in, all I hear are hisses from one and a growls from the other. They’ll keep at that for a bit before one will walk away. This scene is repeated morning, noon and night – it doesn’t matter if they’re in the kitchen, the basement or in our bedroom while we’re trying to sleep.

I don’t know what started it all, and I don’t know how to end it, but quite frankly, it’s starting to drive me crazy. Any ideas on how to get them to cut it out -- other than letting them run out the door and locking it behind them?


Rob said...

I don't know whether it's female beating up on male, or vice versa - but I do remember that's what happened when my parent's female cat got a bladder infection. I guess she'd smell different to the boy cats, and when they came near her to check it out, she'd get quite irritable and swat them - while howling madly.

Might be something to keep an eye on...

Deb said...

Good to know, I'll keep an eye on that. To be honest, I'm not sure who's beating up on who more often. It just seems to be fight fight fight.