Thursday, April 30, 2009

I need a dog

I've always been a cat person and have never wanted a dog. Ryan had dogs all his life and has always wanted one. But to date, I've managed to avoid even having the "I want a dog" conversation. Although I'm sure, as the kids get older, he may get them to work on wearing me down.

It may sound weird, since I have two kids, but a dog is too much work and too much responsibility.

Having a dog means not being able to pick up and go away for a day or a weekend or a week. Having a dog means having to take it out for walks every day -- which is good exercise, but I already get that by pushing two kids in a double stroller. And it just doesn't appeal to me to walk a dog while pushing two kids.

Having a dog means house training it. And, I spend enough energy trying to teach my kids to not tear apart my house all the time.

But I need a dog -- if only to clean up my kitchen floor for me after every meal.

Because I'm tired of sweeping up after a meal, only for the floor to look like it hasn't been swept in a week before we even sit down for the next meal. How does the floor manage to be covered in food before the kids even eat again?

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